Greenwood Art is made from unusually shaped tree limbs, trunks, and roots that grow naturally in most trees. The bark is removed without damaging the wood immediately beneath the bark. Then the wood is dried, sealed, altered, and leveled to best display the natural look. No carving takes place. Each piece displays the beauty of how natural and external pressures shape the wood.

No piece of Greenwood Art can be duplicated at any price, which makes this collection of Greenwood Art one of the most unique natural collections in the world.


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We are proud to be a member of the American Association of Museums and a member of the Association of Indiana Museums.

Over 500 pieces of Greenwood Art are in this valuable collection.

We have been judged as one of the world's most unusual art collections!
There are 128 works of art available to view on this site.
If anyone else is currently practicing this form of art, please .

This form of art has been practiced in our family for three generations.